President's Message


Thank you for taking the time to read this brief message. Time, it’s a funny thing. We cannot make more hours in a day, we cannot buy more of it. The minutes quickly get spent like grains of sand on the beach. Time, it has become such a valuable commodity. How will each of us spend our time in the upcoming years? What difference will the minutes, hours, days, months make? It becomes too easy in these days of economic hardship to focus our time on ourselves and our individual needs. We forget that joyful feeling when we give of our time and efforts freely for others. Please join us in making a resolution for the upcoming years to share of our time in making a difference to others less fortunate.


After spending the past two years as the Vice President, I cannot express the happiness I have felt knowing that I have made a difference in a person’s life through the continued joint efforts of everyone involved in the S.C.C.A. I can only encourage everyone reading this to do the same knowing you WILL have a positive effect in the lives of many if you do.

As “Southern California Claims Association” members; we have raised and sponsored over $27,000 in charitable contributions for 2016.  On behalf of our SCCA board, members and event sponsors/participants, we give a heartfelt thanks. None of this would be possible if not for all of your time, energy, and continued contributions.


As in years past, we plan on continuing our relationships into 2017 with the “Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House” aiming for a lifetime achievement award of donating $200,000.00 to their organization. With the expansion into Los Angeles we will also continue efforts with the “Los Angeles Mission”, helping to feed numerous families during their November/December holiday season.  The S.C.C.A will proceed to contribute to several other charities throughout the year.


As is our continued mission, the S.C.C.A aims to be the leading organization in this industry encouraging positive social events, continued bi-level education and philanthropy within our industry and southern California communities.


Moving forward into 2017, I have outlined four major objectives to focus on during my term as SCCA President:

  • Increase membership in the Southern California Claims Association
  • An open forum for all members of the S.C.C.A. and general public
  • Focused expansion within the Los Angeles area with goals of into the San Diego territory for 2020
  • Create new and innovative events in order to fundraise for various charities and organizations for 2018
  • Improved focus on our education offering more diverse/needed classes within Orange and Los Angeles Counties including increased scholarship opportunities

My name is Pouria Ghazal, and I’m honored to be your SCCA president this year. With support from our board and members, I look forward, optimistic that we will accomplish all these goals and more.

Thank you for your continued support.


Pouria Ghazal 2015 - 2017


Frank Newman, Previous President Message

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