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SCCA 5th Annual Los Angeles Golf Tournament 


Come celebrate Spring Break with us!!


As you may be aware, the December/January fires and mudslides took precedence for many and created the need for us to move our January tournament.  However, the good news is, the SCCA and the CRA (Cleaning and Restoration Association) have come together to host ONE amazing So-Cal golf tournament this year.  Both organizations have decided to work together this year to help save our members and guests the stress of pulling off multiple tournaments, meanwhile bringing together a stronger network of adjusters and restorers.


This will be the only SCCA/CRA golf tournament in Southern California in 2018.


The tournament is now scheduled for Friday, April 6th, 20018.  

   If you did not get a chance to sponsor, please click here to participate in this kick-off event for our industry here in Southern California.

Updated details to follow.


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