Upcoming Events

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It is one of the SCCA's main commitments to assist in the development and maintaining of a high standard of ethics in the investigation and adjustment of insurance claims by providing continuing education. We hope you will join us in sharing the industry event below. They will be exploring hot topics!


If you are interested in attending the annual CPCU All Industry event, please contact them at the links below. Again, do not hesitate to reach out to the CPCU in regards to the upcoming IDAY coming soon in October 2017, more information is available on the the flyer below!





Palm Spings Golf Tournament


Fall Education Class: TBD

Riverside Year End Event

December 14, 2017

L.A. Golf Tournament

January 26, 2018

Insurance Professionals

The SCCA can be of a real lasting value to you with our free scholarships for continuing education credit..

Insurance Vendors

Are you a vendor who specializes in the insurance industry for claim related losses? See how the SCCA can assist you today..